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Automatic And Interactive Ball for Your Puppy

Entertainment and stress relief

Our electronic interactive ball toys provide endless entertainment for pets, helping reduce stress and anxiety through playful activities.

Boosts brainpower

Smart interactive features such as direction-changing, oscillation, and automatic movement prompt pets to think and react, improving their intelligence and creativity.

Easy to use

Our electronic interactive ball toys can be used indoors or outdoors, ensuring entertainment and physical activity for pets anytime, anywhere.

  • Mariana R.

    This pet toy is amazing! My dog absolutely loves it. It keeps him entertained for hours. I would highly recommend it to any pet owner. :)

  • Alex J.

    My dog was sad until he played with this ball. I initially doubted the material quality, but holding it changed my mind. The silicone is durable and can easily change shape if damaged.

  • Jane S.

    I purchased this toy for my CAT and she can't get enough of it! The automated interactive features are great for keeping her active and stimulated. Definitely worth the investment.

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How does the interactive ball work ?

The interactive ball operates using automated mechanisms or motion sensors. When activated, it moves unpredictably, enticing pets to chase and play with it.

Can I replace the interactive ball's casing if it's damaged ?

Yes of couse, you can replace it as we include an extra casing in the same color with every order delivered.

Is the interactive ball safe for pets ?

Absolutely! The interactive ball is crafted from pet-safe materials, ensuring that it poses no harm to your furry friend during playtime.

What is the maximum operating time for the interactive ball ?

The interactive ball has a maximum usage time of 3 hours.


All of our products are backed with a 15 day money back guarantee.

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